My Unlikely Experience with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

When I was a teenager, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar met me, and it was awesome. For those who are unaware of my numismatic background, I collect coins and used to work in rare coins and auctions. By work, I mean when I was in high school I coordinated with the administration so I could get a workContinue reading “My Unlikely Experience with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar”

NYT Crossword 7-22-20 Complete

Longest puzzle of the week so far, but I finished! Total time was 20:37, partially because I couldn’t figure out what B+ was. Every answer I thought of (NOTGOODENOUGH, JUSTMISSED, NEVERGETTINGINTOCOLLEGE) didn’t fit. Which brings up a weird dream I had last night that I was taking Spanish class in college and aced the firstContinue reading “NYT Crossword 7-22-20 Complete”

WSJ Crossword 7-22-20 Complete

I wish that at at the start of every Wall Street Journal crossword that I wouldn’t have to change the settings to skip the filled-in squares. It’s not even like I’m not logged in. I am logged in. Why won’t it save the settings? OK now for today’s puzzle. The theme became obvious early, soContinue reading “WSJ Crossword 7-22-20 Complete”