NYT Spelling Bee 8-7-20 final

Aaaaand I’m back! Got to genius level early in the day, so I don’t expect there to be a follow-up final later. This was way easier than the puzzles for the past two days. I think this is a great one to end the week on. I’m proud of my 29 words for a 143Continue reading “NYT Spelling Bee 8-7-20 final”

Lou DeJoy (of no man’s desiring)

It’s day five of no update from USPS and day six of it being late. It’s day nine since it entered the system in San Diego. Keep in mind we’re talking about travel distance of about 140 miles. Los Angeles is the biggest city in California, and San Diego is the second-biggest city in California.Continue reading “Lou DeJoy (of no man’s desiring)”

NYT Spelling Bee 8-6-20 final DNF

I worked all the way up to midnight, but I fell short for the first time since posting these. I just couldn’t get to the end. The final score was 140 points. Frustrated at its end, but I figured I’ll pick it up for the Friday puzzle. That post to follow. It tends not toContinue reading “NYT Spelling Bee 8-6-20 final DNF”

NYT Crossword 8-5-20 Complete

Holy smokes! I wanted to get the crossword post out before I watch Twin Peaks through Netflix Party with some friends. I start it at 7, so I don’t have a lot of time. I looked at the clues and just went for it. I started at the top left and ended at the bottomContinue reading “NYT Crossword 8-5-20 Complete”

Postal Devilry Update

Tracking has not changed since I was advised of the continued delay on August 2. Remember how I was promised it would get here August 1? My email from USPS Informed Delivery said it would be arriving what was then today. It wasn’t even in the soon category for delivery. It was for that day.Continue reading “Postal Devilry Update”

NYT Spelling Bee 8-5-20

Argh so close with this one! I’m at 41 words and 117 points. I just need 16 points to get to genius. When I was going through, I saw that the words mazel and mazal both were there. I use mazal because it’s closer to the original word, but I tried mazel first because I’veContinue reading “NYT Spelling Bee 8-5-20”

NYT Crossword 8-4-20 Complete

I learned a bunch from this puzzle. Like Brian McKnight would say, “Start it back at 1,” so here we go. 1D Mocking remark: JAPE. JAPE?! No idea. jape (v.)late 14c., “to trick, beguile, jilt; to mock,” also “to act foolishly; to speak jokingly, jest pleasantly,” perhaps from Old French japer “to howl, bawl, scream” (Modern French japper), ofContinue reading “NYT Crossword 8-4-20 Complete”