NYT Spelling Bee 8-4-20

This started out fun but got to be a lot. In the bad way. For a while I was stuck at 49 words for 177 points, and I was struggling to get the pangram. I realize that there may be more than one pangram overall, but my goal is to get to genius with aContinue reading “NYT Spelling Bee 8-4-20”

Return the Postmaster General to Sender

Yesterday I wrote a post entitled Send the Postmaster General Packing (https://raabidfun.wordpress.com/2020/08/03/send-the-postmaster-general-packing-enoughisenough-vote2020/), and I was happy that the government listened! The hearing will be on September 17 at 10am ET. Of course this is after my birthday, so I imagine that a dip in cards received will reflect birthday sentiment fraud or wisher suppression. AfterContinue reading “Return the Postmaster General to Sender”

Adventures in PS4 repair

Through pretty much all of covid, my PlayStation 4 has been acting up. In the middle of games of Rocket League, the thing would just decide it didn’t want to participate anymore. Obviously, I don’t blame it. If you’ve played Rocket League, you understand that this is a shared desire. But the friends I playContinue reading “Adventures in PS4 repair”

WSJ Crossword 8-3-20 Complete

Wall Street Journal’s puzzle was all about travel. You know, the thing we can’t really do right now because coronavirus has changed what we can do in our lives. The circled answers all were types of streets:16A 1992 movie based on an “SNL” sketch: (WAY)NESWORLD26A Perk for an exec: PRIVATEP(LANE) <-really the only reasonable wayContinue reading “WSJ Crossword 8-3-20 Complete”

NYT Crossword 8-3-20 Complete

Ahhhh Monday. The return of the simple puzzle. Easy and educational. 30A Ancient carver of stone heads in Mesoamerica: OLMEC. Olmec or Ol’ Mec? To the googles! They were an entire civilization independent of the Mayas. Worth a read: https://www.mexicanist.com/l/olmec-heads/ Here’s something glaringly sloppy in this crossword:42D H2O, south of the border: AGUA47D Light blueContinue reading “NYT Crossword 8-3-20 Complete”

Send the Postmaster General Packing

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has gotten this update from the United States Postal Service: “Your package will arrive later than expected, (sic) but is still on its way. It is currently in transit to the next facility.” I’ve ordered a few things, and I’ve sent out a few things. Routinely, thisContinue reading “Send the Postmaster General Packing”

NYT Crossword 8-2-20 Complete

The Sunday puzzle continues to be my least-favorite of the week. It’s huge. I’d rather go to Dodger Stadium to catch a game or go to the bar to catch a game or get together with friends, but since those things don’t exist anymore, it’s the Sunday puzzle. This one’s theme at least got meContinue reading “NYT Crossword 8-2-20 Complete”