LA Times Crossword 7-28-20 (8-2-20) Complete

With no Sunday WSJ puzzle, here’s one from last week’s LA Times. It’s where my sister works, so shoutout to her ( This is a Tuesday puzzle and felt like it. The logic for it certainly is different from the ones from the other coast. Clues like 53A Be mad about. Yes, mad like crazy.Continue reading “LA Times Crossword 7-28-20 (8-2-20) Complete”

WSJ Spelling Bee 8-2-20 final

Wow. This one. Wow. I was chugging along no problem, but the pangram eluded me. As I have been doing daily, I checked in with my sister ( to see how she’d been handling today’s puzzle. She assured me that I could resolve my pangram issues, and she revealed that there are TWO of them.Continue reading “WSJ Spelling Bee 8-2-20 final”

NYT Spelling Bee 8-1-20

Wow this pangram was tough to get. Luckily, my sister ( came to my aid to reassure me that it is a word I know. So after some time of frustration and some pretty gross and incorrect guesses, I finally got there. Along the way, I got words like uncock, which is fine if youContinue reading “NYT Spelling Bee 8-1-20”

WSJ Crossword 3-23-20 (8-1-20) Complete

Here’s the second of the two puzzles from today–another from the WSJ archive. This one is older by a week, so nobody was wearing a mask. A simpler time. This puzzle is Treasure Hunt, which I finished in a semi-distracted 8:11. The theme was from 55A Cracker Jack extra, and what the answers with circlesContinue reading “WSJ Crossword 3-23-20 (8-1-20) Complete”

WSJ Crossword 3-30-20 (8-1-20) Complete

Wow! It’s August! But since it’s a Saturday, I’m doing puzzles from the archive. This one is from the end of March. Remember March? Remember how Coronavirus was just becoming a thing people were taking seriously? California shut down on March 17, stopping what otherwise would be fun drinking for St. Paddy’s Day. So thisContinue reading “WSJ Crossword 3-30-20 (8-1-20) Complete”

NYT Crossword Special March 2020 Equal Pay Day Complete

There’s no WSJ Friday puzzle, so here’s a special puzzle from NYT from March of this year. Overall easy, which seems always to be the case for the special puzzles. I don’t mind that. I finished this one in 6:49. And, like the other special puzzles, it taught me something. 14A Music genre from theContinue reading “NYT Crossword Special March 2020 Equal Pay Day Complete”

NYT Crossword 7-31-20 DNF

Yeah, I got demolished by this one and then finally called it. I’ve been watching the health officials testify before the House Select Subcommittee in background, and this whole thing is a mess. Jim Jordan once again is trying to steamroll, bully, and pontificate rather than find anything out. Maybe I was close to gettingContinue reading “NYT Crossword 7-31-20 DNF”

NYT Spelling Bee 7-31 final

It took me a long time, but I finally got the pangram. This was a much more satisfying puzzle than any of yesterday’s. So many words and so many words that should have been included like LAMED and [Valerie] PLAME and [Mark] HAMEL. I know it’s Hamill! Don’t get excited. It’s a good way toContinue reading “NYT Spelling Bee 7-31 final”