NYT Spelling Bee 8-7-20 final

Aaaaand I’m back! Got to genius level early in the day, so I don’t expect there to be a follow-up final later. This was way easier than the puzzles for the past two days. I think this is a great one to end the week on. I’m proud of my 29 words for a 143Continue reading “NYT Spelling Bee 8-7-20 final”

NYT Spelling Bee 8-6-20 final DNF

I worked all the way up to midnight, but I fell short for the first time since posting these. I just couldn’t get to the end. The final score was 140 points. Frustrated at its end, but I figured I’ll pick it up for the Friday puzzle. That post to follow. It tends not toContinue reading “NYT Spelling Bee 8-6-20 final DNF”

NYT Spelling Bee 8-5-20

Argh so close with this one! I’m at 41 words and 117 points. I just need 16 points to get to genius. When I was going through, I saw that the words mazel and mazal both were there. I use mazal because it’s closer to the original word, but I tried mazel first because I’veContinue reading “NYT Spelling Bee 8-5-20”

NYT Spelling Bee 8-4-20

This started out fun but got to be a lot. In the bad way. For a while I was stuck at 49 words for 177 points, and I was struggling to get the pangram. I realize that there may be more than one pangram overall, but my goal is to get to genius with aContinue reading “NYT Spelling Bee 8-4-20”